Comparison of Trump, Johnson and Abe’s press conferences by Word Cloud tells you a big difference at a glance

  • Click here for President Trump’s April 27th press conference.
  • April 27th was the time when President Trump was criticized for saying that “Inject the disinfectant solution” and accidents occurred.
  • Up until the part before the QA time (28:19), and during the interview, Trump's own remarks were used and speaks by people in other positions were excluded.
  • Interjections such as "Great job" and "thank you", etc. are excluded because they were often used and judged that influences the result.
  • Here is the result.
Word cloud of President Trump’s April 27th press conference
Word cloud of President Trump’s April 30th press conference
  • The same process is applied to the April 30th press conference of the British Prime Minister Johnson. At the press conference, Prime Minister Johnson gave his first press conference since he recovered from corona-virus after hospitalization in the ICU for treatment.
  • The full press conference is quoted here, up to the QA time(20:11).
  • During the press conference, another person was using a video to explain further information, but since that explanation is also the main part, I analyzed it including that.
  • The excluded words are the same as President Trump.
  • Here is the result.
Word cloud of British Prime Minister Johnson’s April 30th press conference
  • Keywords such as “number”, “people”, “hospital”, “NHS”, and “test” emerge.
  • Keywords that emerged
    ・Prime Minister Abe:
    Everyone (皆様), cooperation (協力), projects (事業), situations (状況), difficulties (困難)
    ・ US President Trump :
    testing、ventilator、nursing home、senior、job
    ・ British Prime Minister Johnson:
    number, people, hospital, NHS, test
  • Trump Press Conference
    ・ It can be seen that the keywords such as test, ventilator, nursing home, senior, and job were mentioned. I can imagine that the issues are specifically mentioned when compared with the content of the Prime Minister Abe’s interview.
    ・ President Trump has a relatively large number of press conferences these days, and the fact that multiple people hold in the same press conferences may affect the specificity of the content.
  • Prime Minister Johnson Press conference
    ・The video also explains the number of effective reproductions (Rt) nationwide, and in the analysis, my impression is that the content of the interview is based on the data.
    ・ Reflecting that, the word “number” is the most prominent word on the word cloud, which may reflects the content of the conference.
  • Of course, there are differences in the status of COVID-19 counter measures in each country.
  • Each press conference contains important content, and although it is not possible to understand the details of the content in the word cloud, it is easy to use on your own, and is a useful tool for analogizing the content at a glance.
  • If it is analyzed in other languages in different countries’ leaders, it should be more interesting.
  • My code is here.
# import libraries
import wordcloud
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from wordcloud import STOPWORDS
#Trump's press conference
f_trump = open(“Trump0427.txt”)
trump_text =
def create_wc(text,stop_words):
word_cloud = wordcloud.WordCloud(
en_stop_words = [‘us’,’much’,’re’,’ve’,’done’,’don’,’ll’,’will’,’thank’] + list(STOPWORDS)create_wc(trump_text,en_stop_words)#Johnson's press conference
f_boris = open("Boris0430.txt")
boris_text =




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